Saturday, February 28, 2009

What Meals You've Taken Lately?

Eat Your Friend

3 snowboarders found themselves trapped in a hell of a blizzard after their car was crashed. Trevor broke his leg and couldn't move. So Owen and Dustin is looking for immediate help. As they seek for help, they met Ivan, the local hunter, lives at cabin nearby.

So they stayed with Ivan at the isolated cabin, as the blizzard is getting worse, and leaving behind their injured friend. They planned to rescue him on the next day.

However, their fate turned into something beyond their imagination. The next day,Trevor is missing. And it turns out he was abducted by Ivan's assistant, Wade.It was found out that Ivan and Wade is cannibal, whose harvest on human flesh.

Trevor was locked in a human-like cage ( correct me if I'm wrong ) and tortured brutally and ruthlessly. It was gruesome to see that Trevor still alive while his back is cut and exposed his spinal. Owen and Dustin couldn't make it too, and fell to the Ivan's bloodbath victims. ( The nights before, Owen and Dustin did not realized that they were eaten Trevor's flesh, served by Ivan. It looks good though... )

Nails are removed, beaten to bleed, cut on the back and you named it, heads are decapitated. They let you run, and they shoot you. The body is butchered and flesh are sold to and eaten by the locals...

And don't expect the locals to be friendly and generous enough to give the right directions........

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