Sunday, August 30, 2009

Devil Gunned Down Gunners

Hot and sizzling...that sums up the match between United and Arsenal on Saturday Barclay EPL match.

Arsenal were first to broke the deadlock through stunning goal by Andrei Arshavin that silences the Old Trafford in the 40th minutes.

In the sceond half, Almunia tripped Rooney in the box and Rooney converted the penalty to level the match.

Five minutes later, the phoenix rises from ashes as United were upfront through Abou Diaby woeful own goal. Diaby headed to his own net through freekicks from Ryan Giggs.

Deep into the injury time, Arsenal's were in euphoria when Van Persie scored, but was canceled due to offside.

Wenger was furios and to complete the misery, he was sent off from the bench in dying minutes apparently for kicking bottles.

Though it was a good 3 point for United, but it seems their performance a little bit shaky. Their midfields were fragiles by allowing Arsenal spaces to move around.

Carrick was terrible with passing, easily lose possesion and Valencia wasn't live up to the expectation. That leaves Rooney lack of support in the upfront.

Only Fletcher was outstanding as he working tirelessly in the midfield.

United should have secured their win when embarassingly, Berbatov balooning his shot to the stand, even though it was only Almunia to beat. And that dosen't look like a 30 million pound worth of strikers.

So win were United, but they should gear up for next coming fixtures. As the transfer deadline is looming, Fergie once again stressed out there no more major signings. But expect the unexpected because United's performance signal out that they are need one...URGENT.

- worms-eyed view

Friday, August 21, 2009

Debat Piala Dekan Fakulti Pengurusan Maklumat 2009

Barisan pendebat IS221 Mar, saya dan Kak Pah ( Aman datang lambat sebab simpanan ) . Tumbang di peringkat suku akhir. Pengalaman menjadi batasan.

Menang tanpa bertanding pada peringkat saringan. Pihak lawan gagal menghadirkan diri akibat ketakutan yang amat sangat.

Peringkat suku akhir. Cermin mata dihempas, hati terguris....

Barisan penyokong yang tidak jemu memberi sokongan penuh ( atas dasar paksaan... )

Terima kasih kepada Ridwan ( 4 dari kiri ) dan Aiin ( 3 dari kiri ) yang telah bayak membantu dari segi persiapan. Tidak lupa juga kepada rakan sekelas.

Kalau bukan kerana pujukan,
Tak kan ada kami di sini,
Kalau bukan kerana sokongan kalian,
...................................(sila sambung...aku tak reti..kui3......)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life on the pitch...

JMSK FC 2005 - Super kuat...surprise runner up...

JMSK FC 2007 - sampah....hampeh..x bley pegi jauh...

Corinthians - bole la..baju je gempak...

Old-Time Freekick FC - sekadar melengkapkan penyertaan...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Photo For The Future..

Aku da tak tau nak edit macam mane da.... Gambar ni aku nak hantar kat History Channel 555 (betul ke????)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Listen to the truth...

Presenting Sony Video Walkman NWZ - E436F. Something that I have been desired for quite a long time . Actually, this model's production has been discontinued somehow. I referred to Sony website, and this model has been archived. Huh.....still can't cope withe the latest update....Damn I wish that I could resist you.....