Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daylight Between United and City...

1. Fourth official indicates 4 minutes of stoppage time added on.

2. Bellamy scored at 89th minutes and it took an excessive of 55 second for him
to celebrates the goal.

3. United made a late subs in the dying minute and it took 30 seconds.

4. Altogether, they have 1 minutes 25 second plus 4 minutes, equals 5 minutes
25 seconds of stoppage time.

5. Therefore, Owen's goal is legitimate as the goal was scored in a correct
time frame.

6. That should shut the mouth of our noisy and arrogant Blue neighbour.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kaizhaijie Kuaile...

Majlis berbuka puasa B14CT ( aku tak taw kod kelas baru.. ) yang dianjurkan oleh Kelab Mesin Gossip, dikepalai oleh Fendi dan Aman pada 15 September lepas. majlis ini diadakan di gerai "Uptown" Puncak Perdana, atau lebih dikenali sebagai.....kandang...(T_T). Masing - masing tengah tak berapa nak sabar sangat nak tunggu waktu berbuka. Aiin nak peace pun tak larat dah...

Dan sepak mula baru saja dimulakan. Nurul dengan lahapnya menelan nasi tanpa mengunyah. Tumpuan Habiel agak terganggu seketika apabila matanya silau akibat pancaran ultra ungu dari kamera.Pengadil perlawan kita hari itu dengan tenang mengawal permainan.

Dua si rakus tengah menunjukan kehebatan masing - masing. Aman dengan skil makan-tanpa-pandang-kamera dan Najib dengan skil kumpul-lauk-dalam-mulut.

Dua pertahanan yang kental (kiri kanan) pihak lawan telah mengawal ketat Ijan dengan harapan tidak menghabiskan lauk mereka.

Masa permainan telah tamat. masing - masing kelihatan letih terutamanya yang kat belakang tu..tu..tu...ha..ye..ye..awak mardhiyah....

Kat sini juga sama...Fendi agak kempunan sedikit pada malam itu apabila beliau kerugian 3 pinggan udang tepong gara - gara alergik seafood, walaupun beliau duduk di tepi laut.

Akhir sekali, bagi piak sidang redaksi Majalah Kelab mesin Gossip, saya mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada rakan - rakan. Hati - hati ketika di jalan raya dan sila jangan hon awek kat tepi - tepi jalan ( Aman ). Beringat - ingatlah ketika makan, kerana makan yang banyak agak memudaratkan...peace...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lesson for Titles Pretenders

United sent out a warning yesterday to every of Premiership club not to get on their way in defending their titles. United shows to Spurs how far they still need to go to challenged for the titles.

Pending for the kick off, the fans were full of excitement as Spurs are at the top of their current performance and this could be the perfect time they could defeat United in 19 years of head-to-head history.

It seems the match was headed into that way as United were down early in the first minutes through Jermaine Defoe.

However, United equalized through a well taken free kick by Ryan Giggs. Giggs set a record as the only United player to ever scored in every Premiership seasons.

Anderson put United up front as he lashed home a fine goals for United just before the half time.Ando was relief to ended his dry spell of goals in 78 competitive matches for United.

In second half, United were forced to play with 10 man as Scoles received his second yellow of the game. For 30 minutes, United held their composure steadily as Spurs doubling their efforts to cracks United defense.

United kill off the game as Rooney clinched the third goal and sealed United's victory.

The victory stamped out a warning to title pretenders especially to their Manchester rivals, as United next fixtures will be against City.It will be the most anticipated and heated Manchester derby ever after Tevez crossed out to the city rivals this season.

Meanwhile over the Blue half of Manchester, City secured their 5th consecutive wins over Arsenal.

Adebayor currently under the scrutiny of FA for provoking Arsenal traveling fans. Arsenal fans were furious when Adebayor celebrates his goals by running the length of the fields to the ends where Arsenal fans are massed.

The FA will take a closer look over the incidents to see any possible punishment for Adebayor. Adebayor later after the match, did apologized for his conduct.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

F.C United of Manchester


Had enough of Man Utd? Thinking of switching club? Here's the alternative...

Football Club United Manchester
( FC United of Manchester, FC United, FCUoM or FCUM ) is an English semi professional club based in Bury, currently compete in the 7th tier of football league.

FC United was formed in 2005 by some defected Manchester United fans following the controversial take over of Man Utd Football Club by American's Malcolm Glazer.

Majority of the fans comes from Manchester and to date, FC United has established branches in France, Poland, Norway, as well as support from across the Atlantic.

Their fans referred the club as "The Red Rebels", and I can see why. Their home kits is Red, while Blue is for away game.


Currently, FC United play their trade at Gigg Lane, which is the official home ground for Bury FC. Full capacity of the stadium is 11,840.

Originally, the club's founders chose FC United, but the Football Association (FA) refused to accept as it was too general. Among the initial name was FC United of Manchester, FC Manchester Central, AFC Manchester 1878 and Newton Heath United FC ( Newton Heath was the original name for Man Utd ).

On 14 of June 2005, 44% of the club supporters voted FC United of Manchester as the official name of the club. FC United continues to be used as the clubs abbreviations.

FC United currently played at Northern Premier League Premier Division, 7 level below the EPL. So it is unlikely to see FC United up against Man Utd in the near future.

So far both side haven't met but it is remain to be seen by some section of supporters to proves which side of Red Manchester is the greatest.

The most likely that both side clash with each other is through FA Cup, but it is up to FC United on how far they could progress.

However, Man Utd remains the power house in English league as well as European and should FC United emulate the same succcess, it going to take a really, really hue efforts and instant success doesn't easily come by.

Just be patients...the Red Rebels...and dream on..