Friday, March 20, 2009

Post of Appreciation....


It has been a wonderful weeks for us. I was so delighted that we managed to complete the second ICT project. For the second project, we designed a Nanorover Model.

Well, Nanorover is a small and tiny size of rover developed by ISAS and NASA in 2002, to conduct a reseacrh on the asteroid. The purpose is to collect the surface samples, exploration and taking picture of the environment.

Completed Models

It took us 2 hard-work of days to complete the models. The hardest part was to determine what is the best materials to produce the model, along with the asteroids surface. We had to pick up pebbles on the side road to make up the asteroids surface.

Previously, we planned to designed a liver models. However, it seems nothing interesting in it, so I chose nanorover, and also none of the other groups has choose the space and aeronautical type of models. I thought it is best for us to came out with different ideas. ( I 'm an avid follower of spacecraft technology too ).

So everybody has their own parts and role. Everybody works and went extra miles to complete this model. I am quite impress with the high commitments displayed.

It was fun and enjoy though, and no stress at all. Normally, we used to do a report-kind of assignment or application-type of project. This one is different. It brought us closer to each other and it came a lot more easier. It was enjoyable working with them.

Nanorover Engineering Team

So guys, the presentation is over and work out in accordance to the plan. I would like thank you very much, especially by accepting the idea of the models and credits shall go to all of us for making this projects possible in excellent way. Your commitments and efforts is very much appreciated. Thank you.

The projects was inspired from the movie Wall-E...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Babysitter Wanted : No Experience Necessary

It wont hurt...dont make it harder than it needed to be...

The movie is about the quite and nice ( apparently ) Stantons family, lives outside the country yard. Their son, Sam, is a devil ( pair of devil-like horns ), and he feeds on humans flesh, more specifically, females flesh.

And so the Stantons lure their victim, by advertised babysitting job. Then they sedated their victim, marked their body, blow a hammer on the forehead and hanged them on the hook. The rest, cut their body in accordance to the mark on the body. Pretty precise incision by the Stantons heh...the flesh are cut into pieces ( nasty...ewww ), and made readily for Sam to consume....

Angie is a God-feared person, and just enrolled at Adam's Community College. Her life wasn't established enough, so she's looking for a job. She found out the babysitting advert, and without second thought, she take a go for it....( silly..... )..Oh ya...there has been a report of a college girl went missing recently.

She met the Stantons, and they were nice, and little Sam was cute too, except that he is a bit quite. On the night Angie begin to babysitting Sam, someone is stalking and disturbing her...and so the story goes..........

Run Angie run...

Ergghhhh...aku da nak muntah da...- Amran

Power giler sial..dah kene kapak idup lagi..-Abil

Lari la bodo... - Aku

Citer ape tu? - Gemas

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Ingat budak laki malas n x pandai memasak?? heh...lihat bukti dibawah..hahaha....
saje je masak nugget...sambil layan2 muvie...hehehe....

nampak sedap.....

lagi la sedap..hahaha