Thursday, February 26, 2009



A young couple, Seth and Polly retreated to the wilderness for a romantic weekend camping. Unfortunately, their plan is shattered when they are car-jacked by a couple of convicts, who are on the run from the authorities to Mexico.

Along the way as they plotting the next move, they found themselves in deeper trouble, which out of their imagination....a blood-crazed creepy - crawly parasitic creature that devoured the corpses of its victim. The dead corpses became alive, grueling for blood to feast on. Note that it is not a zombie, but a parasite-driven corpses. They seek shelter at an abandoned gas station, to resist the raging onslaught of the creature. At one point, they had to cut Farrel's arm ( the convict ) as his arm was infected by the parasite. Seriously, the scene was gruesome, and I can't even bare to watch it.

So it is like a stereotype zombie movies. You trapped in a building, try to figure out to overcome the situation, zombies try hard enough to get of you, flesh and bloods etc....
Three out of five
I reckon......

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