Sunday, February 8, 2009

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Peter Bretter is struggling musician and has spent 5 years dating his girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, a television star. His world is rocked when his girlfriend dumped him. His life is a mess. He never can forget his girlfriend in any other way. Everything seems to remind him of her.

To clear his mind, he went to Hawaii for a trip. Bad turn to worse, as he confronted his ex and her new boyfriend, a British rocker, Aldous Snow. Their presence make thing worst and tormented Peter's life. Somehow along the line, he met Rachel, a beautiful resort employee. Peter's life seems to be rejoiced again and slowly Sarah is fading in his mind.

Sarah and Aldous somehow did not get along after all as she found out that he is indifferent, like he would go f**k anyone , anywhere and anytime!!! Sarah tried to win back Peter, but to no avail. Peter has found his true love in Rachel...

A heart-ripped and hilarious movie....Yeah it must be hard to lived just next door to your ex and her boyfriend hahaha..And i love the soundtrack too, Inside of Me by Infant Sorrow...quite touching..... huhuhuhu...

Inside of you, the restless find their dreams
Inside of you, this king has found his queen

Inside of you, all the stars unfold

I've crossed me heart and I've crossed the world

And I need you here and
I need to be

Inside of you....

p/s : im running out of space in my external hard disk...too many movie, hard to resist huhuuhu...

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