Friday, August 6, 2010


Hi..I'm blogging this post from my office. I began my SKP last Monday and today is the third day. I skipped to work on Wednesday ( I had Security & Strategic classes right after dawn..literally )and Thursday. I supposed to punch in at 2pm yesterday, but I decided that I need to skip in order to have a good rest. Yeah..I was bloody tired yesterday after a day out on Wednesday. We went out to watch Inception ( what else to pick? Airbender was released the next day), and I tell you, sitting there for 2 and a half hours was worths its weight in gold. We were baffled at the beginning ,but we began to grab comprehension slowly and surely as the story goes by. It was about seeding an idea and manipulating one's mind trough dreams. The endless spiral staircase was the one that impressed me so much. Wonder if I could built one.

Ok2..get back to work. This morning I was ordered to look for an idea in creating a multimedia application for PTAR Puncak Perdana floor plan. Now that I have two tasks in the bag. The other one is developing a web - based system which I have no idea what the system is called. My boss have a high expectation and it puts a great weight on my shoulder.

So far,I think it is quite cool to have study and working at the same time. In contrary, you get worn out so soon. Punch out at 1 pm, then off to class at 2. Twice I almost fell asleep in the class this week. I only get to rest after class on the evening. By then, I will take my nap. I tell you, even a short nap can cause me sleepless at night! That mean insufficient sleeps and as the consequence, the reluctance to wake up in the morning is very high. Huarghhh!! *yawning....

All I can think of at the moment is, I'm getting RM4 richer by the hour.

And yeah..I'm kinda sleepy right now...


  1. Yeah...yeah... Mr Teddy is getting RM4 richer by the hour, boleh pow pasni.. kihkih...

  2. eh...already spent for my food haha

  3. Cheit!.. OK la bah... Teddy memang makan banyak... Huahuahua...