Friday, August 13, 2010


Greetings air breathers...

It's the third day of fasting month, and as we speak, I just had my nescafe and a puff of cigars haha! I had to be carefully boiled a water, walking stealthily around the kitchen so not to create any attentions to my sleeping house mate..hehe..

It's that time of the year again for Muslims to fast in the month of Ramadhan. When the times comes around, my friends always ask me if I am fasting along too. Well, what I can say is, I don't but I can assure you that you have my respects. It has been 3 years, and I don't have any problems in restricting myself from foods and drinks during the day (cigars too!). fasting is nothing new to me. Plus, in our religions we did fast during the Good Friday. I am even grateful to have friends that invited me to join sahur and berbuka puasa. I believe that respect and understanding is the essence in living in the so called global world.

Last week on Saturday, I went to KL to attend the PC fair along with my mates, Fendi, Din and Kak Pah. Well, I spent a lot on that day mainly because of two thing.

First, I had to resolve my flight ticket to Kuching for the Raya break. Previously, I booked my ticket bound to Kuching on the 8th of September. However, after I found out the break begins a week earlier, I decided to amends the date. So the new ticket is 3rd September, and I'm going to have a two weeks of blasting holiday ( until 19th September ). Hell yeah. But, I had to pay RM153 for the amendments...sigh~

( Uiit!!..Fendi is waking up..Gotta finish the last drop of my nescafe!! Glup..glup... )

Next stop is KLCC. Darn..too crowded. On our way via LRT, I had to sandwiched between a crowd of peoples. I had barely air to breath, as multiple kind of smells roamed around the confined space. But it was a small price to pay as I had a mission, a mission that's going to add an extra improvisation in terms of telecommunication haha. Okay..I'l just get it straight. I bought a new phone. An HTC Touch 2 model. A touch - screen phone with internet - enable as well as Windows mobile features . It has been on my wish list to have my hands on that kind of phone long before. Mind you that I have done my research prior to the purchasing. The most important is the wireless feature. I always on the go, and internet has been so important. I need to have updates wherever I may be at any flexible time. The price? RM800...I tell 'ya, this is the most expensive things that I ever bought. So, extra caution is required in protecting this fella' haha..And much thanks to Aman for coming down to KLCC to add extra RM50. So much of a savior..I was kind of short of bucks at the time..hehe.. ( I already paid the debts ).

Therefore, crossed the HTC off the wish is..ermmm...a pair of new boots? Nike? We''ll see soon enough.

Aiden for the wallpaper looks appeal.

I took me a long time to get used to the QWERTY keyboard. But, I'd master the technique quite quick in a way that I can texted even with my eyes blindfolded.

Hey, don't you notice that today is Friday the 13th? The thirteenth day of the month that falls on Friday is often associated with superstitious phenomenon.

Fact 1: The thirteenth day that falls on Friday occurs if any month started on Sunday. The day denotes a day of evil and bad luck.

Fact 2: Eve tempted Adam and Christ was crucified.

Fact 3: Paraskavedekatriaphobia describes a phobia of the number 13 and Friday which leaving them to ultimately to fear on Friday the 13th

Fact 4: The Great Flood is to said to have started on Friday.

Fact 5: King Philip arrested the Knight Templar and tortured them on the Friday the 13th 1306 (burnt at stake!! Fuh...)

Fact 6: Murderers walked the earth at night and the most prominently is Jason Voorhees, my favorite villain. He will goes on a brutal killing spree. Total Mayhem & Carnage.
( Hey..if you seen him, try take an autograph for me!!..if you survived anyway... )

Fact 7 : Never change your bed, or it will bring nightmares ( Unless you peed the night before...).

Fact 8: Don't travel for it will bring misfortune. Enough said, don't start anything new. (Lucky I don't have classes on Friday).

Fact 9: Ship that sails will have bad luck (Off days for fishermen ).

Fact 10: Cut your finger nails means cut the for sorrow ( Owh..mine is getting longer. )

Fact 11: In Britain, it used to be Hangman's Day.

Fact 12: Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus Christ, was the 13th person to sit at the last Supper table.

Fact 13: Are we at 13th fact? I think I better stop here.



  1. hahaha.. aku xleh imagine lau pendi nmpak ko minum air 2..msti kecur liur menahan rasa!

  2. hahaha...aku minum secara hidden file..

  3. haha.. nescafe bole bau satu rumah la hoenese but thanks anyway for being so cool about fasting!

  4. ok with sweats at all... =)