Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Everyone Goes Mobile

What's up with guys in the house? It seems everybody goes gaga over 'this' new thing which has been discovered lately. The guys have discovered a new perspective in surfing the internet, a new kind of dimension, shifted completely from the conventional to mobile internet. It's madness here and that includes myself as well. All the times you can see us holding dear to our mobile-phone more than as usual. Login on to Facebook will never be the same again I guess. Be it in the class, at the mamak stall, lavatory etc, all you can expect is an instant post or reply. Surfing is never be the same again.

Most of the guy subscribed the Maxis mobile broadband plan which is free of charge. Meanwhile, since mine is Celcom, I had to pay RM20 for a week of all-internet-access. That would be an extra expenses since I already subscribed Celcom Broadband as well. Nevermind..my extra incomes from my part time job will cover the cost ( still didn't get the pay).

Speaking of my part time job, I discovered few things which is quite amazed me. Below are the photos I've taken from KAT (Koleksi Akses Terhad) room ( which is the working space of mine ).

Spaced Out. An in depth writing about the hippies and the environment. The naked model alone is attractive, and so does the content. I kinda like the hippies so much since everything is FREE..drug..sex..and rock and roll..haha..just kidding..

Samples of the content. Mind-blowing..Lots of photos as well. An remarkable insight from A to Z regarding the Hippies Revolution.

How about this? A rack exclusively for old - school home video. Among the collections are The X-Files, Blade, Starship Troopers, G.I Jane, Star Trek et al. Superbly vintage. I did looking for Mr. Bean, but to no avail.

Finally, the super-huge pictorial biography of Andy Warhol. So gigantic in a way that it won't fit your school bag. I put a normal sized book on top of it, just to measure the size. As you can see, it's one - fourth than the usual book.

Finally, this could be the last week in Puncak before Raya. A mass exodus is expected to begin this weekend. Some already planned to go back to kampung as early as this week. And I will bound for home next Friday for two weeks. Fly fly fly away...

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