Friday, July 23, 2010

These Words are meant for walking

For the past few days, i can summed up my life with these words;

Procrastination: its best I tell ya..doing things at the eleventh hour has it advantage. see at the bright side. knowing that you do not have abundance of time, you tend to do it right while there is no room for error....make the best out of the limit. but thank God, I finished my works timely. so until further notice, i will be free and it's time to resume my reading. \0/

Bona fide rarity? haha..i never knew that a guy who love to read is a rare nowadays. reading is my passion. once i started to read, i'm out of this world. geezz..where the hell are you guys? maybe some of them are still hide in the burrows. soon enough, guys will outnumbered their counterpart in a bookstore. you have been warned!

Aiden: yea yea yea...i dont know how the hell this band attract me so much. i have been listening to their songs lately. i even downloaded two of their earliest album, Our Gang's Dark Oath and Nightmare Anatomy. top of my playlist right now mind you. i still haven't download the other album, since my broadband usage is nearing its limit.sigh~

Holy Grail for for Holme's enthusiast

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