Friday, July 30, 2010

SKP gem in United's pool of young talents.


This post does not relate to the image above. I woke up early today because I have to go to the library. I have a meeting with Encik Arshad ( kinda my employer..hehe ) around 9 am along with my SKP colleagues, Yusniza and..err...I forget her name hehehhe...But one thing for sure, she is 220 student. I still have black clouds hanged around my mind, so the meeting provides an opportunity for me to inquire further details regarding the SKP, which is going to start next Monday.So to speak, I might changed my study mode, from full time student, to part time student ( PLK ) hahaha...

Nothing to be updated so far. I have a pleasant and decent sleep for the past two nights. No more sleeping paralysis. Thanks to a friend of mine who remind me to say my prayer ( I always forget!! ) before sleep.

So I thank God for that.

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