Sunday, October 18, 2009


At first thought, I was very sceptical on why Micheal Owen is given the number 7. Many United's greats and legends wore the number 7. Who can replace the likes of Ronaldo, or Beckham or even the legendary George Best? I thought it was ridicoulus that Owen's inherits the number 7 as he's not at his prime anymore, plus he is, by far,is the third choice behinds Rooney and Berba.Definitely he's not going to make the regular first eleven.

Somehow I changed my mind. Owen started for the first time, partnered with Berba against Bolton. The result? He could have score a hatricks( I thought he scored, but it was declared as an own goal by Zed Knight ). Another things that make him the best candidates for number 7 is....he is already a legend...

He's the the first young English player who made it to the World Cup, and he scores against the Argentines ( sublime of the greatest.. ). He played for Liverpool and was regarded as a cult hero, before joined Real Madrid ( only to ended up in frustration due to injury ) and played among the first version of Galaticos. And look what dameges he has done to the City recently??

Surely he desereves the number 7 based on what he has came through before ended up at Old Trafford ...long may Owen continues to shine upon the Theathre of Dreams...

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