Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sudden-Mid-Term Holiday...

UITM will be closed for a week, starting from 25th July - 2nd of August. We just got the short notice this afternoon, and it was a bit surprised. The closure of UITM is due to the H1N1 pandemic that has hit several campuses recently. There were rumors some cases has been reported here in Puncak Perdana Campus. I'm not going to elaborate more on that since there are no evidences.

It may have been a good news for most of the students. The college was erupted in joy shortly after the announcement was made. The college was half emptied just before the evening as students bound for kampung ( an early Hari Raya exodus I reckon.. ) .

Rumors also has it that our Hari Raya holiday in September will be cut short. I hope I won't make changes on my flight if there is any.

So happy holiday to all UITM students...lot of things to catch up this holiday...

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