Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Great Escape

it has been a fantastic two weeks of holiday.

we'd been planned it for quite a long time.

i can say it's been an adventurous one.

we drove around the city without any idea where's the direction is.

i only knew certain routes which i am quite familiar with.

so often we ended up lost or missed the junction.

but hell, we never learned if we didn't commit mistake aitee.

thanks to my darl's expertise in navigating the way, we were able to explored, i think 2/3 of the city.

she's better than Garmin GPS navigator...usually i freaked out if i lost the route, but her presence just gave me confidence. so many times i did daring moves on the road and at one time we nearly got hit. thank God.

okay..finally i had my revenge for bowling. she got me nailed down few months ago. so we're even now. Plus i got strike.

we went for countless of movies and i forgot the numbers.

it was the first time i went to watch the Twilight Series, or whatever u may call it..Breaking Dawn..i got lost right from the start of the movie. it was like "who's that guy?", "what is he?" or "what the hell is goin' on?".

and once again my darl had to do the explanation.

if there is ever a song that reminds me of this holiday, it would be this . repeat-peat-peat-peat-peat..

and we did some Christmas shopping was like everyday we went to the mall and spent hours after hours...tiring yet fun.

i owed my darl a lot. last weekend, we sent my sister Emily for her enrollment at Unisel Shah Alam. my daddy came along too. My darl helped us a lot especially in settling Emily's at her college. Me? i just lie down on my sister's bed and having a nap.....

one good thing about this holiday is i got to introduced my darl to my grandma and my uncle and aunt as well..she is very much welcomed by my family =)

and so the holiday came to an end. i wish i could spend more time with my darl, but i had to go back urgently because i have commitment with my job (so they said....)

anyway, it's has been a wonderful experience. it was something that we wanna do so bad and i'm super-glad we made it.

thank you darl for showing me around to places i never been before.

thank you for the popcorns.

thank you for the breakfast, dinner, lunch and supper.

thank you for everything.

I Love You. Merry Christmas