Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dari Meja Guru #2

I had this conversation with one of my pupil, Robin during Mathematics class today. I tried to converse in English to see if Robin's English is good or otherwise. And it goes like this...

Me: Good morning Robin. (shaking his hand)
Robin: errr....moning ticher...

*Suddenly his friend, James came up to me and told something.

James: Cikgu, tadi duit Robin hilang. Ada orang ambik Cikgu.
Me: Huh??? Who stole your money Robin?
Robin: James, cikgu tanya apa? Tak faham la...(baffle)
James: Cikgu tanya, berapa ringgit duit kau hilang.

Me: haihhhhhh.~ T_T

You both really made my day anyway =)

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