Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Football Update

Yesterday we had a friendly match against Sri Aman Chinese Football Club at Padang Hoki KPSU Sri Aman ( yeah..we are allowed to play football there ). It was a 9-a-side match and I started as a striker. It was never an easy game for me as I didn't had any football game since last July. Running, ball control...was not as swift as I expected. Plus the pitch conditions is horrible at certain part due to the torrential rains for the past few days. But I had a decent game though. I set up a goal ( and PLENTY of missed chances!! ) and eventually we won 3-1. I tell ya, even though Chinese is more likely associated with basketball, but our opponents is a team you can't underestimate. Most of the players are 'towkey' around Sri Aman.

They played simple and patience game, passing the ball around the park as if we were against Barcelona or Arsenal. Towards the end of the game, I felt something is fishy. Their teams seems to got into us quickly whenever we have the possession. They swarmed the midfield, that we didn't get much spaces to move around. After the final whistle blown, we realized we had been outnumbered!!! 12 against 9!! no wonder.... Nevertheless, we did won and its a good start for our club.....Saint Lawrence Football Club.

Last night I wonder if I could design a badge for the team. So here I came up with four design, and the best will be choose by our players.

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